New Chairman for Mid Dorset

Michael Tomlinson is elected Chairman of Mid Dorset and North Poole Conservative Association

Success in the Campaign to protect our Back Gardens

We are pleased to announce that the campaign to protect back gardens from development has taken a big step towards final success. Communities Minister, Greg Clark is to announce plans to reclassify back gardens from 'brown field sites' (the same classification used for derilict factories and disused railway yards) granting councils more power to reject unwanted development where local people object.

2010 General Election Results

After a long night and over two hours delay on the expected declaration time, the results of the 2010 General Election are in. Nick King was confronted with the Herculean task of overturning a 5,500 Liberal majority but fell just 269 votes short. It appears that a strong tactical swing of some 2500 Labour votes was just enough to put things beyond our reach.