Letter from the Chair

Dear Member,

Full Marks to anyone who saw this coming, it certainly took me by surprise, anyway we have a General Election on Thursday 8th June, and we as an Association must do everything we possibly can to get our candidate Michael Tomlinson re-elected.

I am not taking anything for granted, and am ignoring the 20 plus point lead the pollsters say we have, and regardless of what the result is Nationally, our priority must be to keep MN&NP blue, and put Michael back into the House of Commons as our MP.  We cannot underestimate the Liberal Democrats in this Constituency, as we know they will be working extremely hard to get their candidate elected.  If that was to happen it would be a complete travesty, as since Michael was elected in May 2015, he has worked extremely hard establishing himself as a good and caring Constituency Member of Parliament.  He deserves the right to continue working on behalf of the Constituents of MD&NP.

To achieve this I am appealing to you to help in the campaign, and there are a number of ways in which you may be able to help us, and please do not be put off thinking that if you volunteer we will be loading you with days of work, every hour you are able to offer will be a great help.

The most important task is getting our message to every constituent in MD&NP, and this is where deliverers are so important.  Not all delivery rounds have hills and long drives, and delivering to 60 or 70 houses in an hour is easily achievable, your branches will be able to select rounds which are within your capabilities.  

If you are able to help in any way please contact me by email chairman@middorsetconservatives.org.uk or telephone on 01202 604306

Kindest Regards

Allen Lewis

Chairman of MD&NP Conservative Association