2010 General Election Results

After a long night and over two hours delay on the expected declaration time, the results of the 2010 General Election are in. Nick King was confronted with the Herculean task of overturning a 5,500 Liberal majority but fell just 269 votes short. It appears that a strong tactical swing of some 2500 Labour votes was just enough to put things beyond our reach.

Nick would like to extend his heartfelt thanks to everyone who supported him through this election and whilst disappointed in the result has high hopes of winning in the next election.

On a national level, the Conservative party has performed well, securing more seats and more votes than any other party. However, we have fallen some 20 seats short of what we needed for a majority government. Over the next few days, the parties will be considering their options concerning the formation of a coalition or minority government and we will keep you informed of any developments.